I am a postdoctoral researcher at Brain Science Institute, RIKEN, Japan, and this is my personal web page. Here I write about my current, future, and past projects as well as things not immediately related to my work. Please reach me by email if you have any questions.


Please also visit the website of our Neural Circuits and Behavior lab at RIKEN BSI to learn about other projects we are working on.


My publications

D. R. Lyamzin, S. J. Barnes, R. Donato, J. A. Garcia-Lazaro, T. Keck, N. A. Lesica (2015). Nonlinear transfer of signal and noise correlations in cortical networks. Journal of Neuroscience 35(21): 8065-8080 [link]

M. Pachitariu, D. R. Lyamzin, M. Sahani, N. A. Lesica (2015). State-dependent population coding in primary auditory cortex. Journal of Neuroscience 35(5):2058-73 [link]

L. Belliveau, D. R. Lyamzin, N. A. Lesica (2014). The neural representation of interaural time differences in gerbils is transformed from midbrain to cortex. Journal of Neuroscience 34(50):16796-16808 [link]

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D. R. Lyamzin, J. H. Macke, N. A. Lesica (2010). Modeling population spike trains with specified time-varying spike rates, trial-to-trial variability, and pairwise signal and noise correlations. Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience 4:144. doi: 10.3389/fncom.2010.00144 [link]